Ted & Connie's Website
                              Spring 2012

Dear Family and Friends,
     We just returned from Kauai the middle of February, missing some of the 
coldest weather in Anchorage's history, but coming home to record snow 
falls. Wow, what a winter this has been. I guess weather has been different 
in many states so can't complain--Spring is coming--in May!
     The big news for me is my book: Montessori-Living the Good Life, is 
published and on line and at bookstores all over the world. I've been busy 
marketing or learning how to market. It's another career for me but fun going 
public and learning all the ins and outs with the social media. You can find 
me on Facebook and Twitter. Son Justin fixed up a super website if you 
want to check it out: www.montessoritheory.com.
     Enough about me: Ted is happy to be home again and enjoying shoveling 
snow for his exercise instead of walking on the beach--I jokes. Ted loves to 
cook and looks forward to fishing and gardening. He does the market in the 
morning and always has projects going in the garage when he isn't 
watching the basketball, etc., games or talking politics with his buddy, Jim.
     We are happy and hope the same for you. I don't take as many pictures as 
I used to but will get a few new ones on soon.
                        God Bless you all,
                          Ted and Connie